We leave all hopes behind as we listen to Hindi Pwede by Circashela.

Circashela just dropped their first single ‘Hindi Pwede’ and it is definitely something you should listen to.


The band was formed in 2013 by former vocalist Miguel Pangan, former bassist Pao Pangan, drummer Kym Bulanadi, and guitarist Ranz Cabales. Hailing from Manila, Philippines, they aspire to offer great alternative rock music that the listeners can relate to. Its current band members are Jaybee Ormasa on lead vocals, Eric Valerio on bass, J.E. Español on guitar and back-up vocals, Ranz Cabales on guitar, and Kym Bulanadi on percussions.

Hindi Pwede

Apparently, ‘Hindi Pwede’ is the first ever single that the band dropped on Spotify!

Accompanied by catchy guitar riffs and sick drum slams, Hindi Pwede is a joy to listen to. The overall sound, on the other hand, is very reminiscent of classic Pinoy rock, which did not come as a surprise. A quick search through their pages revealed that famous bands like Rivermaya, All Time Low, and some more other bands heavily influenced their music.

Forbidden love

The song talks mostly about forbidden love in its lyrics. And if you’re someone who has been through the same situation, you’d understand the pain and despair that the song is communicating to its listeners through the lyrics.

H’wag mo nang subukang pumasok sa pag ibig na bawal.

H’wag mo nang pilitin, masasaktan ka lang.

Sa una ay sadyang ganyan pag tumagal ay masasanay sa kalokohan ,

Hindi mo ba naiintindihan? Ikaw rin ang mawawalan,

Kung ikay pagbibigyan ng isang himala

What’s forbidden is forbidden. This is basically what the song says. Even if someone was to grant you a miracle right at this moment, in the end, you’d be the one hurt. It talks about wanting to at least be able to hug the person you love even if you know you’re not allowed to. This song really takes us to emotional heights just listening to it.

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