The Hiling Music Video is finally up and Youtube sensation Raphiel Shannon captures us with this heartfelt and wishful thinking song

Youtube sensation Raphiel Shannon produced amazing covers and renditions of popular songs. Following her debut single ‘Kisapmata,’ Raphiel delves more outside the comforts of her Youtube channel with the release of ‘Hiling’ music video.

Haven’t seen the music video for ‘Hiling’ yet? No worries, we got you covered!

What a relatable song, right? But before we talk about ‘Hiling,’ let’s first talk about the voice behind it!

At the young age of 18, Raphiel Shannon had made her talent in singing known when she started out her Youtube account back in 2015. This Filipina Youtube sensation has made a name for herself through her song covers, and her Youtube channel currently has a total of 280,172 subscribers.

Her song covers such as ‘Versace On The Floor,’ ‘Walang Hanggan,’ and ‘Nadarang’ has garnered million hits. And it’s only time that this young online sensation made a name for herself outside the realms of her Youtube channel. Under Viva Records, the official music video for Raphiel Shannon’s ‘Hiling’ is finally up for everyone to see!

‘Hiling’ Music Video

Raphiel Shannon’s soulful and rich voice truly gave way to an amazing song that talks about having a huge crush on someone. The innocence and the anticipation of what might eventually lead to a puppy love is beautifully woven in Raphiel’s lyrics, and it was definitely reflected on the official music video.

‘Hiling’ is a song about wanting someone so intensely that one ultimately resorts to wishful thinking. In this simple music video, two young individuals got consumed by what they felt after their encounter.

However, Raphiel refused to remain stuck in her wishful thinking. She decided to do something about the overwhelming crush that she was having. So at the end of the music video, after stalking her crush, she finally made a move and clicked the “follow” button on the guy’s Instagram account.

Want to sing along to ‘Hiling’? We have the official lyric video for you right here:

A very relatable song, don’t you think? Then maybe you’d want to add this one to your playlist. And maybe, you’d find the courage to make a move to get to know your crush as well!

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Raphiel Shannon. And we bet you couldn’t too! So while we’re stuck at the agonizing wait, let’s enjoy ourselves through Raphiel’s Youtube Channel!

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