UPDATE! Listen to their FULL ALBUM here:


I wanna runaway with you, Honey—don’t you just want to hear that from literally anyone? Makes you feel like you’re worthy of the trouble to drive out of the city in the middle of the night. And that, my friend, is exactly why you should listen to One Click Straight’s new track Honey.

“‘Honey’ is about finding and falling for someone that frees your mind from midnight thoughts and anxieties,” guitarist Sam Marquez told Bandwagon. “It’s about the healing and comfort a certain soul can impart on a person’s personal battles.”

The band did it again with their fun and upbeat style that make them stand out from other alternative-pop rock bands. Their songs assure you with a flavor of happiness—and you could say that authenticity is something they could boast about.

You can check out the new track here:

One Click Straight celebrated their single launch at Saguijo Cafe + Bar last Friday, with other indie artists like Apartel, St. Wolf, Tom’s Story, Lions And Acrobats, and Clara Benin.

However, the band released the new track a week before. Honey is reported to be the last EP before they release their upcoming studio album.

In 2017, the band released their Nostalgic EP, with tracks like Nostalgic, Lose My Mind, Shakin’, Beggin’, Listen, and Electric.

One Click Straight is recommended if you want a break from mellow indie songs, as their funky sound and sweet lyrics will make you wish you had a boyfriend like that, seriously.