Attention to all Filipino Acoustic Music lovers! Johnoy Danao has got a treat for you! And he’s bringing along Angel Aquino!

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This one is truly a treat for all Filipino Acoustic love song enthusiasts! The “Filipino Troubadour” himself has just released his newest single. We present, ‘Kailangan’ by Johnoy Danao featuring Angel Aquino! You can listen to ‘Kailangan’ by Johnoy Danao featuring Angel Aquino, right here!

ICYDK, Johnoy Danao has collaborated with many great artists. Such as Clara Benin, Bullet Dumas, and Ebe Dancel. And he’s no newbie in the OPM scene either. His career as a musician started way back in 2000 and he has since become a household name for Filipino love songs. So much so that a lot of his songs are used for weddings. Like ‘Ikaw At Ako’, ‘Right Time’, and ‘Northern Sky’.

‘Kailangan’ by Johnoy Danao featuring Angel Aquino

KAILANGAN by Johnoy Danao featuring Angel Aquino

O/C Records

‘Kailangan Kita’ by Johnoy Danao featuring Angel Aquino is a simple but beautifully done love song. Truthfully, another emotional addition to wedding-worthy songs! We find that it’s important to express that his voice truly has become iconic and calmingly beautiful. And add in Angel Aquino’s angelic voice as well. In fact, O/C Records defines Johnoy Danao’s voice as:

The soft patter of rain as you sip a cup of coffee. Its reminiscent of a cool summer wind when the heat seems unbearable. It’s what you would want to hear playing on the radio as you spend a lazy, quiet Sunday afternoon—alone or with someone you are wildly in love with.

So if you want a relaxing and true classic-sounding track, give ‘Kailangan’ by Johnoy Danao featuring Angel Aquino a listen!

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