Finally! Hele Ng Maharlika Album by Rice Lucido is now available on digital platforms!

The Hele Ng Maharlika Album by Rice Lucido dropped just last weekend. And I can’t stress enough how happy I am for this indie folk singer-songwriter. Not only has she been making waves in the Philippine music scene through her incredible talents, but also because of how her songs can really touch hearts.

Her singles ‘Heto Na Naman‘ and ‘A Letter For Her‘ that I have already grown to love are part of the ‘Hele Ng Maharlika’ 12 track album.

‘Hele Ng Maharlika’ Album

Kean Cipriano, the founder of the O/C Records label, is truly taking care of his very promising talent, Rice Lucido. Creativity, uniqueness, doing her own thing—that’s what Rice Lucido’s debut album is all about. Callily frontman Kean Cipriano is living up to his promise that he would let his talents showcase their music their own way in order for their full potential to shine. True enough, who Rice Lucido is reflecting in her album.

Overall, the ‘Hele Ng Maharlika’ album speaks of finding one’s self and how most of us if not all, are in a constant search of the reason why we have to go through such obstacles. “Maharlika” used to be the name of the Philippines before we were colonized. The title of the album was thought by Rice Lucido because her songs are all about regaining power and identity.

The singles

I fell in love with the album when I first listened to it. Not because of the wonders every single hold because it’s a given that it really is beautiful. What made me really fall in love with it, however, is how by just listening to the songs on the first try and hear it a second time on a random basis, you would know it’s Rice Lucido’s music. Her character, uniqueness, and identity were really emphasized in her first album.

For me though, the Indie folk singer-songwriter really shined with her music through her single ‘Salarin’ and ‘Muling Mananaginip’. But my personal favorite is ‘Tahan Na’. Like ‘Heto Na Naman’, the song tackles sadness or depression. ‘Tahan Na’ is very comforting and would remind you that you don’t have to be alone. Her ‘Ang Nawawala’, ‘Once’, ‘Minsan Lang’, and ‘Hele Ng Maharlika’ really gave out the hele or lullaby vibes, which is very relaxing to listen to.

‘Sabi Nila’

Rice Lucido’s ‘Sabi Nila’ is a painful song about love. That, unfortunately, I could relate to. It talks of how two people cannot seem to be together because both are not over with their past pains and struggles. That’s why for the meantime, they part ways.

Sabi nila
Di raw nagtagpo sa
tamang panahon
Marahil tayo’y lumilingon
pa rin sa mga sakit
Na dala ng unang pagsubok

But it seems like that now, he’s not there anymore. You’re left questioning if the feelings are still the same and if you’re still the one. You’re left wondering if now you’re the only waiting and wanting, or if he’s still waiting for you too.

Ako na ba?

Ang papawi sa iyong mga kaba

Ang magdadala ng bawat 

hiling sa iyong umaga

Ngunit bakit ika’y nawala?

Painful, isn’t it? How it’s actually true. “Right love at the wrong time” really happens. It’s not an excuse, but life can really get in the way of letting beautiful things to happen.

Ahhh, Rice Lucido earned a spot in my heart before. But now, she truly owned that spot and seems like she’ll be staying ther for a looongggg time.

Listen to her album now!

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