Rebuild relationships and fall back in love as SUD released their latest single ‘Headlights’!

No, we’re not here to break your hearts yet again. This time, let’s try to rebuild it! We have loved SUD for making us feel the jitters just listening to their songs. Well, this song called ‘Headlight’ does not show love in a light perspective, but it’s sure to bring you hope again.


SUD is Sud Ballecer on vocals and guitar, Jimbo Cuenco on drums, Carlos de la Fuente on saxophone, Kohl Aguilar on the keyboard, and Raisa Racelis on bass. They have been known for their indie rock/ jazz fusion musical style, but from what we know, this would be the first song influenced by a heavier rock genre. SUD is really stepping it up with the type of music they’re bringing, and they never disappoint.


When I first heard ‘Headlights’, I pictured two people in a car, driving off to somewhere in the middle of the night, keeping their headlights on. Until slowly, they move closer together. I interpret this song as a coming-back-together kind of song. It’s like knowing your heart still belongs to the person, thus signifying “not being lost at all” which is why other people can’t find you. And of course, when people in a relationship breakup, walls are built… walls they’re gonna need to break down if ever they were to get back together. Maybe I’m over-analyzing things, but it’s as we always say. No one can know the true meaning of the song but the writer themselves! Try to look at these lyrics and let us know what you think!

This time you would  know
You couldn’t be found if not lost at all
Are you gonna stay hidden
The sun’s coming down on this pavement
Darkness won’t stop us
Keep the headlights on and on
Spaces between us
Inch by inch we’re getting closer
Till our arms are back together
What’s cool is that this song doesn’t look at love in a light way. It’s not all “kilig” and good times. It’s breaking down walls, it’s leaving and coming back, it’s helping each other. Love is about not letting the darkness stop you and keeping the faith. You’d know what we’re talking about if you listen to it! Stream it on Spotify:

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