It is out, guys — the music video for ‘Hawak Bitaw’ by LaLuna is out and it got us frickin’ emotional!

Twice, we have written about ‘Hawak Bitaw’ by LaLuna. First is when they dropped the song, and the second when they announced a special launch happening for the song’s official music video. But now, after the launch is all said and done, it is out! The ‘Hawak Bitaw’ music video is finally out and our hearts are just crying so much!

Watch and cry with us to the official music video for LaLuna’s single below!

An emotional journey for our fragile hearts

Because we have heard the song itself a lot of times already, we have decided to focus on what our eyes were seeing instead — the music video. It has been officially released and recently uploaded on YouTube last Saturday, November 16. Like the song, it is equally heartbreaking and we just have to ask: why?

Hawak Bitaw Music Video by Halina

In the music video, we see a girl (the beautiful Iana Bernardez) looking at what seems to be remnants of a previous relationship. As she goes through the house fixing things and apparently packing to leave, bittersweet memories play back in her head. The coffee cup, the towel and even the adorable dog reminded her of special moments that they shared together.

By the end, we also see the guy (Migs Almendras) just lying down, looking at the emptiness all around him. In comparison to the girl, he kept on going back to the painful parts when they fought and eventually had a falling out.

Hawak Bitaw Music Video by LaLuna (3)

If you have observed, the beautiful metaphor that the music video showed too is the space or the house shown. It can be directly seen as the relationship that the two people used to share. Since they have spent a lot of time and activities in that space, it will just be really hard to try to clean, and pack, and leave.

At the end, it was just all a big mess.

Hawak Bitaw Music Video by LaLuna (2)

Honestly, what’s really painful in a relationship is when the two people involved try to move on, just because they have no other choice but to do so. A lot of precious yet painful memories can’t help but be remembered, because it is just a part of the excruciating process of letting go and moving forward.

The official music video for ‘Hawak Bitaw’ effectively shows us that process. Feeling all that pain and just doing your best to cope with it — that’s how moving on is. It is an emotional journey, but one that people have to go through.

Kudos to LaLuna for the success of their song and the music video! We are surely looking forward to more releases from these guys. Wag lang siguro yung masyadong masakit next time, huhu.

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