Hawak Bitaw by LaLuna brings us to the painful reality that no matter how bad we want to live in the moment, they’d still let go in the end. And that just sucks, man.

At long last, after consistent public demand, LaLuna releases ‘Hawak Bitaw’. Have you ever been in a situation where you have this itching feeling that it will end soon enough? That the one moment they go to talk to you out of the blue will lead to a breakup?

It’s like the anticipation of the breakup is always there and it’s just a matter of time till they finally let go. And all you can do is wish that time would stop while you hold hands and get through the night. Or maybe just go home and avoid confrontation, right? But you know you can’t. Because you just can’t bear to see them sad and miserable while with you, right?

LaLuna, the four-piece indie surf rock band, making good music. Composed of Reason Fortun on vocals and rhythm guitars, Lorenzo Zavalla on lead guitars, Joshua Angeles on bass and Joshua Docena on drums. The band is known for their subtle anti-love songs that really makes an impression. Their songwriting resonates to the audience at a certain level. It’s like you’re being transported to that exact moment in the song with just through their music. No wonder fans have been waiting for them to make an appearance once more in the local music scene. It’s because their music reflects the unsaid feelings of people of all different walks of life.

Hawak Bitaw

Unlike their previous song, ‘She’s Dangerous’, ‘Hawak Bitaw’ is much more enigmatic and mysterious. Instead of a straightforward and blunt approach in songwriting, it’s much more flowery, cryptic. It gave a distinct melancholic tune, compared to the frantic ‘She’s Dangerous’. But despite that, it show’s how versatile the band can be in varying the music they make.

Hawak kamay naglalakbay pantungo sa

Ating inaasahang pagbitaw

Magkatingin nang may lihim, naghihintay

na may magsasabing ayoko na

As mentioned earlier, ‘Hawak Bitaw’ is quite a heartbreaker on its own. Sympathetic, it seems like a warning label like ‘She’s Dangerous’. But this time, it’s warning you for a much-awaited breakup. Not a great warning label, eh? But the thing is, it resonates through a lot of people’s experiences in life. They say that we should trust our gut feeling. And sometimes, when the “talk” comes in the middle of a stagnant relationship, you’ll find yourself churning in fear for a breakup. It’s like a waiting game. Waiting for someone between the two of you to drop the bomb.

Even if you feel their grip slipping away from your fingertips, you’d just let go. Because you’d rather go home without her than have you both suffer in a festering sinking ship. As romantic as that sounds, there’s nothing more painful than letting go of the person you love for the sake of their own happiness.

So in case you missed it, ‘Hawak Bitaw’ by LaLuna is now out on Spotify!

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