Do you still know you are? Because today, Harry Styles just released his sophomore album ‘Fine Line’… and we’re not okay.

Today is December 13 – it’s Friday the 13th, the birthday of Taylor Swift, and the day when Harry Styles‘ album comes out. Titled ‘Fine Line‘, it’s the sophomore album of the One Direction member and now soloist, following his masterpiece of a self-titled debut album.

‘Fine Line’ also contains ‘Lights Up’, one which we already heard and watched through its music video. Thankfully, today we can now listen to the rest of the album which is now out on digital music streaming sites. Check out the whole album with us by simply clicking the Spotify Play button below!

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If we must state the obvious, the whole album attacks in a lot of different ways. One moment we feel sensual and floaty, the second we’re feeling funky. Moreover, we were really taken aback when we feel the opposite towards the end and are crying inside uncontrollably. Want to know why? Then continue reading below.

Falling – the fan favorite

If you have already heard of ‘Falling’ by now, then you’re probably feeling the same way as us – hurt, broken and down. Honestly, it is a bit hard to listen to because of the heavy emotions Harry conveys, but the song is just so beautiful to let it pass by our ears just once.

Repeatedly, we are willing to torture ourselves if it means getting to hear Harry sing the beautiful song again. Likewise, a lot of fans agree. Check out some of their tweets below!

Also, read this hilarious take on the song which gave us a chance to have a break and breathe.

What do you think about Harry Styles’ new album? Moreover, what is your favorite track out of all of them? Let us know your thoughts or opinions by sharing them through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.