Let’s take a break from the not-so-wonderful world of heartbreaks and rejections. Because Kuatro Kantos is here to make our hearts flutter with ‘Happy Crush’!

Feel the butterflies yet? For no apparent reason, we always get all jittery and excited when it comes to the topic of our crushes, which is why we know you will absolutely love this song! Kuatro Kantos just released their second and latest single called ‘Happy Crush’ on Spotify!

Watch the boys of Kuatro Kantos performing the song live!

Kuatro Kantos

Comprised of Gerald Gacias (Vocals/Guitar), Julius Mangubat (Lead Guitar), Marlon Salvador (Drums) and Dave Osias (Bass) and Maycee Sevilla (Keyboard), Kuatro Kantos has been loved for the upbeat tunes that will make you bop your head to them. Despite the very energetic vibe that their first song gave us, ‘Sayang Lang’ was a big ouch as it so blatantly shouts “I don’t like you!” in our faces.

This time, the boys decided to write about something that brings flowers and chocolates to the table!

Happy Crush

This song brings us back to when our crushes would text us a little “Good morning,” and our hearts would literally go flying around in circles! ‘Happy Crush’ takes us away from the bitter feeling of heartbreaks and rejection and just gives us a nice feeling. It’s that happy moment when you’re secretly crushing on someone and they don’t know yet. With each morning you wake up excited to talk to them again. You’re just with them and your day seems to be complete!

Good morning, kamusta ka?

Sana okay ang tulog mo

Good morning, malelate ka na

Pero wag kalimutan ang almusal

How sweet these messages are, right before we get ghosted. LOL, just kidding! Happy crushes don’t get us into that headspace. It’s all sweet and happy things, and although they don’t know about our feelings yet, we feel like we’re willing to wait for them ’till the end of the world!

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Although this is only the band’s second single, they have already proven to be great artists and musicians. We can’t wait to hear what else they have in store! What did you think about ‘Happy Crush’? Tell us in the comment section below. You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.