MNTKLYA sings about the willingness to wait in their latest single ‘Hannah (Dito Sa Kawalan)’, and it’s out on Spotify now!

Have you ever been so far away from someone but you’re still willing to wait for that person’s sweet return? MNTKLYA feels you! They had just released their latest single called ‘Hannah (Dito Sa Kawalan)’, and it’s reviving the hopefuls in all of us!

We can’t wait to let you hear it. Here is the 5-piece performing it live!



MNTKLYA is made up of JVee Villena who writes the songs and do the vocals, Choi Barlis on rhythm guitar, Emmanuel Ramos on lead guitar, Rayna Dane Dela Cruz on bass, and Popo Cagubcub on drums. Hailing from the south of Manila, Philippines, the five-piece band like to consider themselves unconfined to one specific genre, but listeners dub their music as mellow alternative punk/ rock.

Who is Hannah?

We know a lot of girls named Hannah, but why name a song after them? The name Hannah might have some sort of significance to a band. For all we know, the songwriter might know a girl named Hannah and decided to write this song for her. If that’s the case, Hannah is a very lucky girl!

‘Hannah (Dito Sa Kawalan)’ is the band’s second single after they released ‘Buhos’just this February. ‘Buhos’ was a heartbreaker, that’s for sure, and it was a hard song to top, but after just a couple of months, MNTKLYA is up and at it again with this new song that’s even better!

Long distance relationships

When you first hear the song, you can already be able to tell that it’s about long distance relationships. The first line, “Libo-libong kilometro ang pagitan natin sa isa’t isa,” gives it all away. And based on the album cover, we’re not talking about just cities length here. We’re talking time zones, countries, or even continents far. In the album art, we can see a guy and a girl floating in what looked like day and night. The boy was in a more rural area where it’s still morning while the girl was somewhere in a city and it was night.

It could mean either that or the distance being talked about in the song isn’t physical distance. The distance can mean emotional distance, too, when two hearts are far from one another. The song talks about being willing to wait for someone and proving that no matter the distance you will always belong to him (or her)… even when you’re in the middle of nothingness. I personally think that it’s sad and beautiful at the same time. Having hope even when you’re unsure about someone’s return, but still, you wait.

If you wanna know how that feels, this song tells it all! You can stream it now!

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