If you loved Color The Era’s song, ‘Hanggang Kailan’. You’ll surely love their new MV for it too! Watch the ‘Hanggang Kailan’ MV by Color The Era right here!

Color The Era’s ‘Hanggang Kailan’ MV is as heartbreaking as the song itself. We know fans of Color The Era have all been patiently waiting for something new since they released the song back in May. And they are now finally here to deliver! So get ready for the #feels! And watch the new MV of ‘Hanggang Kailan’ right here!

Can you say OUCH? We can’t even imagine how embarrassing and heartbreaking that must be! Asking someone to marry you and they just walk away? But before we go into all the heart-wrenching details, let’s get to know the band! So Color The Era is a duo comprising of Ron Pangyarihan and Tom Bacurio. And ‘Hanggang Kailan’ is their first-ever single, if you can believe it. And we’re sure by now you can tell that their sound is nothing to ignore.

‘Hanggang Kailan’ MV

So the music video follows the story of a young man who gets rejected after he proposes to his girlfriend. But he just gets flat out rejected! And then everything after that point just felt so haunted. But that’s why we love Color The Era’s ‘Hanggang Kailan’ MV. Because we get that, we’ve felt that. That person in the music video was all of us at one point in our lives. Just haunted by the memories of a person that used to mean the world to us. And when places that used to make us feel so happy and vibrant, are now devoid of color and meaning. It’s when everything just reminds you of that person, even when you’re just sitting alone at home. Waiting for a call or a text that you know will never come. Yet you continue to hope, but for how long? ‘Hanggang Kailan’, right?

So if you’re looking for the perfect accompaniment on a sad rainy day, then Color The Era’s ‘Hanggang Kailan’ is exactly what you need. Check it out on Spotify now!

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