Kickstarting their music journey, Hanggang Kailan by Color The Era debuts in time for our short-lived summer romances.

There’s a new band in town and they’re off to a great start! Color The Era, a duo band just released their debut single for the world to hear. ‘Hanggang Kailan’ spirals you down the drain with regrets, longing, and sorrow of a failed romance. A song definitely perfect for the broken heart, Color The Era might be new but their sound feels like home.

There’s little to none information about the band so far. But here’s what we know. Comprised of Ron Pangyarihan and Tom Bacurio, Color The Era remains a mystery to everyone. Even their band logo, which is just a solid red color seems mysterious yet meaningful at the same time. But despite the air of mystery the band portrays, their debut single Hanggang Kailan feels and sounds familiar to the ear. It might be because of their music falling under indie alternative rock tunes. Nevertheless, the band shows great potential and a bright future with just ‘Hanggang Kailan’ on the line.

Hanggang Kailan

Hanggang kailan pagmamasdan
Mga larawan sa ilalim ng ulan
Sana’y nandito ka pa
Hanggang kailan pagpipilitan
Di ka na muling mapapasakin pa
Paano na tayo sinta

Apparently, ‘Hanggang Kailan’ is another one for the brokenhearted. It poses a lot of questions lingering in the mind of the brokenhearted. I think a lot of us can relate to it. It lets you reminisce the time someone left you without notice. No explanations, no answers to your growing list of questions. It isn’t just the questions that weigh you down, but also the anxiety and insecurities that lurk behind you. Where did you go wrong? Weren’t you enough? What could have you done to prevent it from happening? Is there any chance for a comeback? And the list goes on and on.

But despite that nagging feeling, you can’t escape the fact that it’s the end. Even if you spend every waking moment in your life wondering, there won’t be any different. And it will just be a distant dream, a distant memory of how things didn’t end up well.

In a similar manner, the lead guitar riffs are meaty and gritty. Partnered with the kerrang of the drums and snare and bass lines, it’s as perfect as it can be. The music arrangement isn’t repetitive. Every part of the song, you’d find yourself caught up with the music and its beats. If you ask me, Color The Era is the band to watch out for.

Anyway, be sure to steam ‘Hanggang Kailan’ by Color The Era on Spotify!

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