LATEST DROP: Hangad Music Video – Brisom feat. Keiko Necesario

Giving us a piece of an 80s picturesque action film, the Hangad music video by Brisom feat. Keiko Necesario leaves us wanting more!

Once more, Brisom wows us with the aesthetics of their newest music video. In the band’s recent collaboration with country-folk singer-songwriter Keiko Necesario, ‘Hangad‘ brims with a story that we did not see coming.

Brisom, the synthwave pop quartet, draws heavy influence from the 80s synth. Adding their own textures with their impressive guitar riffs, they’ve made a name for themselves as a brand and a band at the same time. Known for their soulful electropop tunes and synth, they don’t shy away from the idea of sounding retro in the modern day. However, they use it to their advantage to give themselves a unique sound that only you can find in the band.

The group is composed of Brian Sombero on vocals and synth, Timothy Abbot on beats and programming, Jason Rondero on bass and Jeffrey Castro on drums. Under the banner of Viva Records, they are on the rise and had been collaborating with fellow rising artists. Among them is the country darling Keiko Necesario. Despite the clashing differences of their music genres, they managed to create Hangad, a soulful retro sounding piece that talks about love.

Hangad Music Video

As mentioned, ‘Hangad’ talks about love. More about “wanting someone and being willing to face everything to be with them.”. That kind of love. And it’s nothing but romantic. However, the music video tells you otherwise.

The music video seems to be a musical trailer for an action movie from the 90s. Think about John Wick but a girl and is set in the bustling streets of Chinatown. That kind of aesthetic. It follows a girl who seems to be preparing to kill someone for shady reasons. Contrary to the song playing on the background, the music video can be anti-romantic at some point. However, it will get you thinking if she’s killing the man for love.

But what really piqued everyone’s interest was the finale. It was a cliffhanger. As the girl approached her target, a gun pointed towards him, the screen goes black. And the words “To be continued” flashes on the screen. It goes us pumped to see what happens next. Nevertheless, the thrill of the music video story was enough to keep us going. And ‘Hangad’ playing on the background, despite its lyrics seems to be a perfect fit for the action happening on screen. And that’s something surprising if you ask me.

Not every love song fits the bill as a perfect assassination theme song. But Hangad shows it’s duality and how it can be more than just a love song.

Anyway, be sure to stream ‘Hangad’ by Brisom feat. Keiko Necesario on Spotify!

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