One hit after the other. Written By The Stars is at it again with ‘Half Alive’ and we’re living for it!

Written By The Stars has slowly engraved its name into the music scene, and it’s no surprise. We can’t get enough of their music! In line with their sound, ‘Half Alive’ expresses the agony of losing a relationship and having to go on with life even so.

I know you we all have been waiting for this song’s release. But I think one of the reasons so many fans love this band so much is that they sound just as they do in the recorded versions when they play their songs live, and ‘Half Alive’ is no different! Here they are performing it live!

That was an intense performance! For me, that countdown after the bridge cueing the instrumental solo is what does it. They have so much stage presence plus they sound really good, which makes them a crowd favorite during gigs.

Written By The Stars

If you ever have the extra time, I suggest you read the comment section on this band’s videos. It’s crazy how many fans really love their music. Some comment that they sound nostalgic, like going back to the early ’emo’ days. The band has been compared to a lot of foreign rock bands. Some dub them as the ‘Filipino Mayday Parade’, which is big. Others say that this song, in particular, sounded a lot like ‘Boys Like Girls’. Point is, having people think that their music can be at par with these big names is not something you’d come across every day! This only proves that Written By The Stars has come so far as a band. Written By The Stars fans call themselves “WOBOTS” as in when you insert vowels to the band’s abbreviation ‘WBTS’. How cute!

A lot of the fans have also been suggesting that they do get someone to do backing vocals. Some were asking when this song would be available in Spotify! Well, guess what! We have been heard.

Half Alive

‘Half Alive’ drives us back to when we were moving on from a past relationship. It’s that feeling of absolution that you want to– and have to– move on, but with each day, you feel like you’re not fully alive. So far Written By The Stars’ lyric writing has always cited elements of self-harm or suicide in their songs which only portrays love (or the lack thereof) as painful.

I think that most of us have gone through the emo phase where we thought losing someone we love might be the end of it all. Some of us grew out of that, and the meaning of love and relationships could change from one person to another. But still, there are people to whom love means everything. If you’re one of those people, you can easily relate to this song, for sure. Been there or not, the song takes us through that experience again through the way the words were written.

You can stream ‘Half Alive’ on Spotify, too!

This is only the band’s 4th single, but they are surely off to a great start! We can only wait in anticipation for their next release! What did you think about ‘Half Alive’? Share us your what you thought about ‘Runaway’ on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.