LATEST DROP: Hagkan Music Video by Brisom

This is just in: Hagkan MV by Brisom drops on youtube, day 2 of November!

Hagkan MV by Brisom can be officially seen online now and yes, it’s the continuation of the story with the same characters from their previous and most popular song yet called ‘Balewala’.

Spoiler alert! This music video is about to send you down to a pit of emotions. Don’t fight it though, just let it flow.

Watch ‘Hagkan’, the sequel to ‘Balewala’ right here:

Oh my…

That wasn’t quite the ending that we were hoping to see there, right? We knew there would be ups and downs that are bound to challenge us but man, we’re honestly not okay with loss! *cries*

Okay, we all shrieked at the ending of ‘Balewala’ ‘cause that was a legit happy ending that we thought was never going to change. But the funny thing about endings, is that there are tons of it. And reality states that life is actually an endless cycle of beginnings and endings.

But wait, have you seen ‘Balewala’ yet? If you haven’t, then you’re missing out a lot! Luckily for you, we’ve got it all right here:

Now you know.

Brisom suggests that those two lovebirds are no exception to the bitter truth about life. To confirm, on ‘Hagkan’, one of the girls unfortunately died of cancer as seen on the closeup shot of her medication bottles, which in turn led her partner to move on and find another.

Again, acknowledging the part that it was just a bitter turn of events especially if you were rooting for those two. *ugh!*

Capecitabine (the drug shown above) by the way, is taken by cancer patients to help slowdown the spreading of cancer cells. It’s taken by those who are undergoing chemotherapy.

But, to point out what Brisom intends us to see is the fact that our friends from the LGBT community experience the same things as the rest of us do! Belonging to a closed-off world that is not a hundred percent accepting of individuals’ preferences, some of us need to be reminded that they are in fact human. Human enough to experience love and pain. Human enough to go through the twists and turns of life therefore, needing the same support and understanding.

Hopefully, the rest of us would begin to keep an open mind after watching Brisom’s meaningful videos.

There is a lot to absorb from this ‘hugot-heavy’ MV.

Kung sakali maging tayo
Anomang mga hadlang
Sundin na ang ating puso
Mahirap man, hindi ka sasaktan.
Di masasaktan.

In the end, like everyone in history had to go through; we must learn to accept what is and what is not. And there is life after death. There is a promise of hope.

In the end, love always wins.

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