We’re tired of fake and abusive love but we’re not getting over Guillotine by Gabby Alipe and Autotelic. This collaboration is to die for!

Like a guillotine tightening around your neck, an abusive love indeed will be the death of you. It’s just a matter of time until you find yourself digging your own grave of pain. And ‘Guillotine’ surely hits the mark on why we should just let them go.

Originally, ‘Guillotine’ is popularized by the rock band, Urbandub. Gabby Alipe was the former vocalist of the said band before he departed to pursue his solo music career. So far, he’s been doing collaborations with Autotelic, one of the staple Filipino pop-rock bands in the local music industry. They’ve been doing covers and reimagining Gabby’s songs from Urbandub, adding a new flair to it.


It’s painful to admit how toxic a relationship can be. Speaking from experience, there’s always a teensy bit of hope, waiting for them to change. Red flags are everywhere but all you do is wear rose-colored glasses to ignore them all at the same time. But at the end of the day, it’s you who suffer despite receiving the love you think you deserved. But it’s squeezing the lights out of you. And you know it.

You’re pushing me too far
We’ve had our run
With your arms wrapped tight
Around my neck
Close my eyes I sink and grasp for breath.

Altering the tunes and progression of the song did quite a number to how it affects you actually. From the original rock tunes of the Urbandub version, the angst and malaise are there. It’s like crying inside. But with the version Gabby and Autotelic did, they made a new approach to how the song is. By giving it textures of alternative pop, they’ve shown how ‘Guillotine’ can be a call to action. It somehow says “I’m done. Screw this. I’m out.”. And I think that speaks for how someone prioritizes their self worth over an abusive relationship.

Anyway, if you are relating to ‘Guillotine’ by Gabby Alipe and Autotelic, then be sure to stream it on Spotify!

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