And why they’re probably the best girl group right now!

The IT girls are back and they’re taking the heat up a whole notch with their hottest new statement MV for their newly released EP “Not Shy”.

“Not Shy”, released earlier today, revolves around the notion of girls owning the fact that they like the guy and they’re not shy about their feelings at all. All throughout the chorus, the girls sing about demanding the guy to spill the beans about liking them back and being more like girls who aren’t shy about themselves.


Basically, it’s about girls out there seizing the moment confessing to guys while guys are all ‘torpe’–like, no sis we ain’t here for that kind of shy guy!

While ITZY really is best known for awesome choreography this video just hypes it up even more like the best wingman ever. We won’t be surprised if it’s already a viral TikTok dance challenge.

This MV also doubles as a teaser for their next music video for another track in the EP, “Don’t Give A What.”  This just screams ITZY MV universe! Am I right? (I hope I am)

Not Shy to the Core

One of the million things we love about this baby girl group is their main concept and this latest statement piece is just perfectly aligned to their very core.

The core which is defined by the rough korean translation of ‘itzy’ as ‘itji’ meaning ‘to have’. Their debut statement? “Everything you want? It’z in us

That being said, their brand of feminism is shaking up the Kpop world which has been known for over sexualizing and objectifying women and girl groups. ITZY is a breath of fresh air fragrant with confidence, femme fatale, and cheesy as it sounds, a healthy kind of girl power!

It’s the kind of girl power that makes you wanna get up and dance no matter what color you are, what body shape you fit into, what hair you’re rocking.

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Life According to ITZY 

I believe ITZY is everything we want in our most idolized proverbial IT girls and more–they’re practically prophets of self-love.

Life according to our prophets ITZY is all about ‘Yes I’m different and owning it’ (DALLA DALLA), ‘I’m not a snob it’s just confidence, hon’ (ICY), “I don’t wanna be somebody I just wanna be me” (WANNABE).

Please Wait ...

All I’m saying is they’re probably the best girl group right now! Am I right about that mga sis?

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