Falling in love with a friend is never easy, but is it worth it? Garage Morning sing about this and more in their new song, ‘Celine’!

garage morning celine

Garage Morning brings a delicate balance of joy and anxiety with their newest song, ‘Celine’! Released just last November 15, it tells the tale of the complexities of what it means to fall in love with a friend.

But before we get into it, here’s a little background on the band Garage Morning. They are a four-piece band consisting of Nik Bustamante (Lead Guitar and Vocals), Francis Del Rosario (Drums), Marj Rojas (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals) and Roy Eriga (Bass and Vocals).

Although this is their first single under a music label, the band has played alongside known and prominent artists. Like  Hale, MOONWLK, Sud, Brisom, Ysanygo, Carousel Casualties, Pedicab, and more.

And if you’ve heard of them before, it may be because of their previous singles. Such as ‘I Won’t Stop You Now’, ‘I’ve Got You’, and ‘Steps’.

Celine by Garage Morning

garage morning celine

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The newest single from Garage Morning is a relatively chill track. And is a definite automatic addition to our personal chill playlists. We can already imagine ourselves having a cup of coffee in the morning, with ‘Celine’ playing in the background. So if some easy listening with tranquil vocals is what you’re after, ‘Celine’ by Garage Morning is the answer.

However, what the song is all about is a theme that isn’t new to most of us and can sometimes be a source of anxiety. It is completely opposite from the song’s calming vibe. And that’s because it’s all about falling in love with a friend. And most of us know that it doesn’t always end in the way we expect. Because sometimes it works out, and other times it doesn’t. But this added layer of complication makes ‘Celine’ by Garage Morning all the more endearing.

So give ‘Celine’ by Garage Morning a listen, right now:

We also heard that Garage Morning is currently working on their debut EP album. So if you liked ‘Celine’, look out for their upcoming debut EP too.

Overall, Garage Morning’s latest single ‘Celine’ is a surprise treat that would either calm you or overwhelm you with feelings. Because falling for a friend is never easy. You will always question whether what you feel is love or just genuine appreciation for that person. And then if you do decide to act on your feelings, is it worth risking your friendship for?

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