Releasing his first single, Four by Lorenzo PH leaves us with a void of hope in our hearts.

Hailing from the south, Lorenzo PH or Carl Laurence Miranda turns a new leaf with his first ever single, ‘Four’. A rising independent solo artist, he gets influence from local acts like Hale, South Border, Cueshe, and December Avenue. And to kickstart his music journey, Lorenzo PH releases ‘Four’, a song about second chances and hope.

‘Four’ speaks about hoping for second chances for a failed relationship. It’s quite agonizing, as the message of the song sounds like empty hopes. Asking for a second chance isn’t easy as 1, 2, 3. And hoping for someone to come back is just as difficult. Because there’s no saying that it will happen. Even if you really love that person much or if you’ve changed or has a lot of things to offer now.

Maari bang tayo na lang ulit?
Aasa pa ba sa’yong pagbabalik?
Kailan? Saan kita matatagpuan?
Wala na bang pag-ibig na noo’y walang hanggan?

Speaking of its title ‘Four’, it can be a tad misleading if you ask me. It might sound that it’s an English song but it’s not. So you might wonder, where did the title ‘Four’ came from. “Four” actually refers to the four questions in the lyrics of the chorus. Since it’s a song about asking and wondering about getting second chances, it dwells on the real questions we ask ourselves too. Can we still start over? Is there’s still a chance? Is love still there waiting to be rekindled? Those questions are lingering and even if it sounds hopeful, it can be as empty as a void.

For his first single, ‘Four’ isn’t that bad. It might not sound polished like others. But the song itself and the talent Lorenzo PH had shown only proves that he has room to grow in his journey in the local music industry.

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