‘ForHidden Song No. 1: Sa ’Yo Lang Titi…’ would really wanna make you cover your face while listening, I swear.

BennyBunnyBand’s ‘ForHidden Song No. 1: Sa ’Yo Lang Titi…’ MV premiered last week. The music video was actually quite interesting. But if I’m being honest? I can’t quite focus on the visuals because of the lyrics of this song!

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, check out the MV first!

BennyBunnyBand showcased an overall interesting music video. The five-minute MV was filmed under the pool, complete with the members “singing” and “playing” their instruments. The colors are very trippy and actually quite aesthetic to look at. Their music gave off an oldies kind of vibe for the whole MV and you just can’t stop watching this rather cool band. And wow to the interesting “performance” underwater. Kudos to BennyBunnyBand and the production for pulling this one off!

‘ForHidden Song No. 1: Sa ’Yo Lang Titi…’

Alright, all cards on the table. This song is just very obscene. But no hate! It’s actually a very fun track to listen to. Well, if you’re open-minded like me, then you’d enjoy all the double meanings to this song. The title alone is already a huge giveaway that listeners are in for a blush-worthy song!

To have the full-on experience for this single, listen to it with the lyric video right here:

ForHidden Song No. 1: Sa’yo Lang Titi… reminds us that love can penetrate your entire being and fill you up with intense longing. Just swallow it whole, inch by inch, until you come… to the realization that resistance is futile. -BennyBunnyBand

Yup, great guys. Understood. Loud and clear lol!

I mean honestly, what can I say, right? It’s up to you guys to interpret this one. All I can say is that this one really hit the green part of my mind and there’s no thinking of it on a different angle. Can you? Because if you can, let me give you a pat on the back!

Not totally scarred, actually love this one. And the eccentrics it gives off makes me want a BennyBunnyBand and a Tanya Markova collab! Remember Tanya Markova’s ‘Pipino‘ song with matching lyric video? Yes, these two bands would surely have a mind-blowing collaboration.

Stream it, but this one is surely not for the conservatives!

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