LATEST DROP: Forevermore Cover by Cheenee Gonzalez

This Forevermore Cover by Cheenee Gonzalez just dropped! And this rising OPM darling sweeps us off our feet yet again with her captivating voice!

And before this mesmerizing Forevermore Cover by Cheenee Gonzalez  dropped Friday midnight, we all know she’s already captured our hearts!

Through her songs in her ‘Windowpane‘ EP and ‘Salt & Pepper‘ which we totally love! Not to mention, the heartbreaking ‘Still In Love With You’ which she performed with One Music Live, this young singer easily captured our ears (and hearts!) once again through this ‘Forevermore’ cover.

This classic OPM song, originally by Side A, was released in the year 2002, and has been covered by various singers over the years. Cheenee announced the release of her ‘Forevermore’ cover through her Twitter account just Friday morning, October 19. (But she gave us a little tip about it right here!)

And the post even has an 11-second teaser of her cover!

This cover of ‘Forevermore’ by Cheenee Gonzalez is truly enchanting, isn’t it? If this rising OPM artist hasn’t captured your heart yet, we’re sure that she has now, with this rendition of this famous OPM love song.

Trivia Time!

Did you know? Cheenee Gonzaalez actually performed a live cover of ‘Forevermore’ last year with MOR 101.9, and we have the video for you right here!

SML from the #Cheeneekins

Cheenee Gonzalez receives constant support from the #Cheeneekins who  are cheering for her every step of the way!

The official twitter fan club of Cheenee even had their own mini countdown for the release of her ‘Forevemore’ Cover!

Wow, you guys are SUPER talented!

Same 😍😍

You could definitely feel the love and the adoration of Cheenee’s listeners towards her, as they express their thoughts through posts on Twitter––and this OPM babe gives time to read, favorite, and even retweet as much as she can! And that’s one of the things we totally love about her too!

We must say, we’re really excited to see what’s next for this young Filipina artist!

Stream the ‘Forevermore’ Cover by Cheenee Gonzalez on Spotify now!

And add it to your playlist too.

How about you? What do you think of the ‘Forevermore’ Cover by Cheenee Gonzalez? Were you captivated as much as her fans were—as much as we were? Tell us what you think in comments section below! Or better yet, send us a message on our Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We would love to hear from you!

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