Feeling in love? Check out this new song by Y ARA that’s sure to keep the butterflies fluttering in your stomach! ‘Forever’ is out on Spotify now!

By just reading the title, you can already tell that this is going to be a sweet song! Who knows? This might just be the cure for all our achy bitter hearts. The word “forever” is a really big word, and it certainly is a really long time. Oftentimes, we forget the gravity of the word. But there comes a time in life that we fall so hard in love that we think forever is not enough time! ‘Forever’ by Y ARA perfectly encapsulates that feeling, and it’s now out to deliver our daily dose of good vibes!


With the song giving us so much ‘kilig‘ vibes, I think it’s just fitting that we get to know Y ARA, the duo behind this amazing song! I mistakenly pronounced this at first, but the correct way to read the name turns out to be “ee-ara”! Y ARA is a duo formed by Gillian Aquino and Jhay Ehidio.

The duo just started uploading their music on Spotify this year, but unbeknownst to many, they have been doing cover songs far back! You’d be amazed by how clean Gillian’s vocals are. Paired with Jhay’s instrumentation, it’s sure to either lull you to sleep or make you fall in love. Check out their rendition of ‘Taking Me Back’ by LANY!

We’re still unsure of the duo’s relationship to each other as they don’t share much on social media. Are they couples? Cousins? Friends? I guess we’ll never know unless we ask them (*clears throat* We’d be waiting for answers. LOL, kidding!) Nonetheless, the chemistry between Gillian and Jhay– musically speaking– is undeniable.


While we’re still hung up on their first single, ‘Be The One’, Forever gives off a completely different vibe! I honestly just found myself smiling through the song. It’s just so cute! And it perfectly explains the feeling of falling in love so hard that you see them as your endgame. The song talks about promises that last through eternity, never leaving one another… and hugs!

“Hugs are the best.” Truth be told, we can’t disagree with them! There’s just something about holding the person you love close, looking at them, and realizing that you’ve got all you need as long as you’re with them. I don’t mean disrespect to the basic hierarchy of needs like food, clothing, and shelter (LOL), and all this might sound like wishful thinking. But maybe it’s just the break we need from taking love too seriously instead of seeing it as the beautiful thing it is!

I’m telling you, stream ‘Forever’ on Spotify! You won’t regret it!

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