LATEST DROP: For a While by alpha yang

alpha yang’s new single called ‘For a While’ just dropped, and it’s making our hearts ache with uncertainty. Here’s why!

Do you ever feel like a relationship is about to go into shambles? Fighting for no reason at all, miscommunications. We’ve all been there, and somehow, we always that gut feeling when a relationship is heading towards an end. alpha yang’s single ‘For a While’ encapsulates the feeling of dealing with uncertainty in a relationship! Check out this cool animated lyric video!

We can’t help but wonder why the animation (and the cover art) for this song is a guy sailing through endless water. Could it be a symbol for going away to figure things out for a while? Or is it a metaphor to the relationship going nowhere? Tell us what you think!

alpha yang

The name is stylized as such, don’t worry. alpha yang just doesn’t seem to have a thing for capitalization! Nevertheless, we think it’s just right that we get to know the artist behind the song! Well, for starters, he has been active since 2017 on Spotify. Quite new, we know, but his music tells us otherwise!

It turns out that alpha yang is a project that started out in 2016 and the man behind it is actually named Jacob Yulo! Fueled with the belief that every one of us should be able to express ourselves, alpha yang considers music as his form of expression. Through this, he creates music that he would want the world to hear.

For a While

Nothing is worse than feeling the ‘goodbye’ before it’s even said. The moment we sense that something is wrong about the relationship, we always step back and try to figure out what went wrong. Well, it turns out that alpha yang gets us! ‘For a While’ is a single off of his album called Spellbound. Tell you what, this song perfectly encapsulates that feeling through its lyrics. Could Jacob have gone through the experience himself? I guess we’d never know. Nonetheless, this song is nothing less than perfect with its EDM tunes. To be honest, I never would have thought it came from a Filipino artist the first time I heard it! International level!

Definitely add this to your playlist. It can be good for chilling, or for crying yourself to sleep. We bet you’d smash that repeat button!

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