For our future weddings, we decided that we are going to have our first dance to Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’.

Taylor Swift has just been awarded ‘Artist of the Decade’ at the 2019 AMAs and she rightfully deserves the title. With a lot of her hits shaping the current generation, there is no denying the power that this woman has. So when she released a new First Dance Remix of ‘Lover, we were immediately influenced to pick it for our future weddings.

However, since we think weddings are still far from happening, we will just dance to this alone for now. So please, don’t hesitate to grab a loved one or even just yourself and listen with us to Lover’s best version yet!

Or maybe… we could just try crashing into a random high school’s prom and play this out loud.

“Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand?”

Honestly, the orchestral arrangement for this version is just beautifully amazing that it even brought some tears into our eyes. The feeling of love that it is bringing is just overwhelming, but in a really, really good way. We are in love!

Of course, fans of Taylor Swift feel the same way. Check out some tweets below!

And to make things even more magical, some people had the wonderful idea to edit this song on iconic Disney scenes.

When we thought we couldn’t love this song any more than we already do, Taylor Swift does this. Ugh, really the Artist of the Decade!

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