Billy Crawford, Marcus Davis, and James Reid teamed up with their real-life Filipina partners in ‘Filipina Girl’ and we’re all for it!

“There ain’t nothing in this world like a Filipina girl.” Yes, boys! You got it right! And I’m sure this song got us Filipinas ‘feeling some kinda way’.

Billy Crawford is back and he’s bringing us some international level music with him. This collaboration with Marcus Davis and James Reid is definitely something we should all lend our ears to.

The music video for this song was just released under Viva Records a couple of days ago and we are all smiles about it. I’m sure you will be too after you watch it!

The music video showed the three together in what seemed like a casual drink while they talk about Filipina girls. Fittingly, the three artists all are foreign blood who found true love with their Filipina partners, who also appeared in the music video, of course, and they captured us with their splendid harmonies for sure.

Billy Crawford has been a well-known performer even before moving to the Philippines and ‘Filipina Girl’ is his first single after 6 years. Talking about a solid comeback! His part with his wife, Coleen, in the music video, was borderline sexy and cute at the same time. And I think we can all agree that Amber Davis’ looks were definitely captivating as well. There was no shortage of Filipina beauty in this song and the music video!

James Reid went for Taglish

Meanwhile, James did break the scene with his Taglish verse and we are LIVING for it. It really makes girls wish they were Nadine Lustre even for a day! We love JaDine, that’s for sure, and they couldn’t get adorable enough in this music video, but he shared that he couldn’t take full credit for the lyrics.

RIP replay button! ‘Filipina Girl’ deserves a spot in all of our playlists. This song really takes OPM to the next level. It also empowers us Filipina women in a country where there is a very high standard of beauty. I guess we can agree that the most powerful message of the song is that being a Filipina is a unique quality that people from different countries search far to find.

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