If there is a theme that we want to commit to for ourselves this 2020, it would totally be self-love. The newest single ‘FIESTA’ by IZ*ONE celebrates that. 

In case you are not yet familiar, IZ*ONE is a K-pop girl group that has been continually making bops ever since their Korean debut with “La Vie en Rose“. Yesterday, after almost three months, their newest comeback bap titled “FIESTA” came out and it’s a celebration of all the things we should learn to love about ourselves.

If you haven’t watched or heard “FIESTA” by IZ*ONE yet, check it out with us by simply playing their music video below.

What a dazzling bop! Also, we can’t help but notice that everyone of the 12 girls is just gorgeous. They are all really talented, and we especially love the choreography for the song. It was also wonderful to note that the whole music video is just really visually appealing, and with it we were able to imagine that a festival was really happening.

For sure, “FIESTA” will be added to our playlist of empowering tracks that we could also dance to.

Everyday is a splendid festival

“FIESTA” by IZ*ONE is the lead single from their first-ever studio album titled “BLOOM*IZ” released just yesterday too, February 17. Containing a total of 12 tracks, it is a gleaming musical experience as IZ*ONE shows off their catchy, cute vocals. Listen to the newest album of the girl group by simply clicking the Spotify Play button below.

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And just because we’re not over the wonderful celebration that is “FIESTA” yet, geek out with us by reading some tweets of fans about IZ*ONE below.

Welcome back and thank you for the music, IZ*ONE!

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