With the new music video for ‘Sabi Nila’ by Rice Lucido, we can’t help but feel in peace.

Admit it, there’s nothing more serene than the beach. The water’s calm waves, the cool and fresh air, the beautiful sun — we actually felt like we were at the beach with the new music video for ‘Sabi Nila‘ by Rice Lucido. This song is included in her album, ‘Hele ng Maharlika’.

The MV made us feel really at peace with ourselves, even though the message was a little sad. We have a few theories about it, so read until the end!

In the meantime, watch the music video for ‘Sabi Nila’ here.

Beautiful, isn’t it? We especially love how the MV starts and ends with just Rice and the sound of the ocean waves.

The obvious story of the MV

Obviously, if we were to just simply watch the music video, the message is pretty self-explanatory. A guy comes and meets Rice and they share happy moments together. That is until someone (maybe an ex) hugs and whisks the guy away, leaving Rice behind.

Yes, that is the evident story of the music video, and it fits the song very well. However, we also have a different – maybe a little far-fetched – theory about the music video. Here it goes.

What if all along, we were watching the guy’s own story? 

Our wild theory

Imagine. The music video starts off with Rice singing and playing while the guy is sitting in the bus alone – probably on the way to where Rice is.

Later on, we see him looking at Rice on multiple occasions, probably starstruck by his beauty. But in our theory, he already knew her. He is actually reminiscing about his memories with Rice before, that’s why he was looking at her very longingly.

Guy in Sabi Nila MV

He then remembers the way they met and relives with the memories that they have shared before.

Rice Lucido and guy

They are shown having these happy and loving moments together, until someone else came.

In our theory though, the girl that hugged the guy was actually his new girlfriend, and Rice was the beloved ex.

You may be thinking “wtf?” but stay with us here.

Sabi Nila music video

Look at how he is hugging the girl without worrying too much about Rice. The girl also doesn’t seem to notice Rice too at the sides, because – stay with us, it gets crazy – Rice is actually just a ghost of a memory.

She may have actually died in the story. Remember how the ocean is related to death and ashes being scattered? 

That is why Rice doesn’t appear to be super hurt in the music video, because she somehow just accepts that there is someone new. Because after that, there isn’t even a confrontation scene of them together. They just go their separate ways – with the guy leaving with his lover and the memory of Rice staying behind.

Then to conclude the music video, we see just Rice, the calm waves, and the setting sun.

Rice Lucido

It was the end of their story but still, the ghost of Rice is left wondering: ako pa rin ba?

It sounds crazy but if you watch the video over and over again, it actually feels right. One way or another though, we loved it. We just felt peaceful longing and serenity.

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