If you are feeling down, Any Name’s Okay comes to the rescue as they release a single titled ‘The Sun’!

We can’t expect you to fully trust us, but the newest single of Any Name’s Okay will absolutely make you feel good! Titled ‘The Sun’, this song by the five-piece pop-alternative band is very uplifting. It makes us imagine better days ahead of us and it actually makes us excited once again for the future.

Listen to ‘The Sun’ by Any Name’s Okay right here.

The Sun

Let’s admit it: we all somehow love the sun one way or another. After all, a lot of songs talking about it are big hits. ‘Here Comes the Sun, ‘Walking on Sunshine’, ‘Seasons in the Sun‘ – these are all very beautiful songs which heavily impacts our emotions.

In our opinion, the reason behind it may be because these songs talk about something bigger than all of us — something heavenly, something out of this world, something beautiful.

While we absolutely love the sound and music of ‘The Sun‘, we want to talk more about the message of this single.

At first listen, the song may be talking about a special someone or a significant other. We can hear how the song talks about how a certain person inspires and pushes us to be better on our ‘hit-or-miss’ days. That would be the obvious message of the lyrics.

However, the band could also be referring to the listeners or individuals as ‘you’.

You are gold, you are hope

You are all the warmth, the light that fills this room

The Sun’s got nothing on you

As we said, the song sounds really uplifting and positive one way or another. Yet, we could say that the latter interpretation has a bigger impact on us. With it, we are reminded of our potential and more importantly, how we should love ourselves.

Because… when you think of yourself as gold and hope and being brighter than the Sun, what else can you do but love and appreciate yourself?

So thanks for this, Any Name’s Okay. Just the boost that we needed. 🙂

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