The much-awaited music video for Joyce Pring’s latest song ‘Alone Together’ finally premiered yesterday, May 14, and to say that the launch was well-received would be an understatement.

Fans, friends, and family of Joyce Pring danced, sang, and even cried as the MV flashed before their eyes. They flocked to her social platforms expressing praises for the song, the video, and the artist herself. In response, Joyce was quick to return the love to the people, replying to their comments, interacting with them.

“I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR THIS IN A MUSIC FESTIVAL 🥺❤️ the feels 🙌,” said one fan on the MV. Another amazed Youtube user commented on it saying, “Love ittt!! Kinikilabutan ako ganda ng song nakakahype.” These are just a few of the overwhelmingly positive feedback. Moreover, since the premiere last night, the views and comments continue to climb up.

Facing the isolation, together!


Joyce Pring wrote on the caption:

“Even though most of us are isolated from each other, we need not face this crisis ALONE. We can unite, and be stronger TOGETHER.”

“Here’s a music video we made for my single “Alone Together” – hoping this would bring joy and a sense of unity to those of us who are in quarantine, isolation, away from our loved ones, and are fighting through this crisis. Virtual hugs to everyone!”

The ‘Quarantine Music Video’ is a compilation of video entries from Joyce’s fans and friends for the #AloneTogetherPH challenge. The result is a dynamic, aesthetically pleasant art project with occasional sentimental, gut-punching moments as some parts of it portray the sad, isolating situation most of us are facing in this pandemic crisis. While the message is supposed to be uplifting, some viewers could not help but tear up as they watched, including Joyce Pring herself. On her IG, we could see Joyce crying happy tears, overwhelmed by the amazing result of the #AloneTogetherPh challenge and the responses it has received.

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