The online world is now going crazy because after his 2017 debut album, Harry Styles just released a brand new single, titled ‘Lights Up’.

This new single #LightsUp is currently at No. 4 on the Philippines’ trending list on Twitter. After a long, long time, fans rejoice with this really steamy comeback of Harry Styles.

Many have really missed him but we could say that all that waiting was worth it. Harry came back and he surely satisfied us in all the ways possible. From his debut album’s 70s rock ‘n’ roll sound, this new single and the upcoming album sounds like it would be a mixture of ballad and pop.

Listen to ‘Lights Up’ and watch the music video for it here.

Lights Up

While the music video presents us with Harry Styles being as dreamy as ever, we also see him scandalously clash skin with a group of people who are barely-dressed. Currently, the video has already garnered over 2 million views on YouTube.

Meanwhile, some people are speculating about the overall meaning of the song and the music video. Because it was released on October 11, which is considered National Coming Out Day in United States and the United Kingdom, many are wondering if Harry is finally addressing his sexuality.

However, other netizens defended Harry by addressing that issue themselves.

Do You Know Who You Are?

Prior to the release of ‘Lights Up’, posters containing the words ‘Do you know who you are?’ have been popping up in London and New York. The billboards didn’t mention Harry’s name but the abbreviation TPWK was there. It stands for the musician’s merchandise wording “treat people with kindness”. Because of it, a lot of people are speculating that it is the name of Harry’s upcoming album.

Aside from that though, a wonderful website was also launched on October 10 as the world celebrates Mental Health Day. Check out the website by clicking here.

Do you know who you are Harry Styles

Like seen above, the site would ask for the user’s name and would generate a kind message. “You are sympathetic”, “you are intuitive”, and other empowering words would be addressed to the user, followed by TPWK. It ultimately ends with a sweet “Love, H”.

Just when we thought we couldn’t find any more reasons to stan Harry, he pulls this lovely stuff off. Ugh, how perfect can you be? Moreover, we can’t wait for his full album to be released soon!

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