LATEST DROP: Fancy by Twice

Headlining their 7th Mini Album, Fancy by Twice shows how aegyo and sexiness collide perfectly!

The ladies are back at it again as they present us their 7th mini album, ‘Fancy You’. And with their song ‘Fancy’ headlining their mini-album, it could not get any better. Twice has been teasing fans about their headlining track that appears to be a step up from their usual hit songs. And they’re definitely giving us more than what we are asking for.

Twice has always been known for their catchy aegyo-filled songs, partnered with popping colors and visuals. From the very start up until now. Yes, up until now, even with ‘Fancy’. However, this time, the ladies show more of their mature side while still maintaining the cuteness we’ve all loved throughout the years.

The anticipation build-up because of the teasers got fans thinking about what they have to offer this time. It’s quite evident from the teasers they released. From the visuals, sneak peek of the music itself up to the looks the girls are sporting, it’s all doubled. You can really sense something new for their comeback this time. And with their kaleidoscopic electro-pop song Fancy, Twice doubles their sweetness and allure this time.

Stepping up their game

Just like their previous tracks, Twice successfully catches up to you with the tempo and upbeat bop of ‘Fancy’. The music arrangement is familiar yet new to the ears. They’ve really maximized the unique vocals of each member, highlighting them at their bests. Jihyo brings out her powerful vocals and freshens up the song from the aegyo. While Dahyun rocked the rap part, along with Chaeyoung. On a side note, even if Chaeyoung’s “fancy” line is laced with sweetness and cuteness, you can’t go wrong with how she iconically delivered the line with seduction and flamboyance. Even Nayeon nailed it in kickstarting the chorus.

But lyrics-wise, the girls didn’t stray from their fun declaration of love. Nevertheless, we can still relate to it. It tells us the confession of never letting go of love. Even with the risks and danger love poses, there’s no hesitating and backing down. The words “fancy you” is quite fun of an alternative for the cliche “i love you”.

Aside from that, the electronic-pop peg takes you to a glimpse of what Twice can be in the future. The synth riffs and electro beats made it the perfect song to dance with. n speaking of dance, the choreography of ‘Fancy’ seems fun too. (Now, I’m looking forward to their dance practice video!) In terms of visuals, the girls didn’t ditch their colorful outfits and skirts. But they’ve touched up their fashion with a matured all-black ensemble. Twice just proves that we can still be cute and bubbly even we aim to have a mature image.

Definitely has a place in our playlist!

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