Coming back with a new fresh sound, Kean Cipriano brings us the feels of stopping yourself from falling in love with ‘Eye Contact’!

We know you all have been waiting for this release since it has been announced, and so were we! Every one of us was so excited to hear Kean’s new song especially since he mentioned that this is going to sound different from his other previous tracks. And now, Kean Cipriano has officially released ‘Eye Contact’, and we couldn’t stop listening to it!

A new flavor

We couldn’t imagine anything sounding better than the “Kean Cipriano flavor” that we get with his songs, but the artist remained true to his words. ‘Eye Contact‘ did sound different from his previous songs. Kean did not opt for hard rock this time, but it made us fall in love just the same.

Changing a style he’s known for was a big and brave step if you ask us, but that’s art. Art can never stay the same. It has to keep changing, improving. With ‘Eye Contact’, Kean Cipriano showed us all that he’s more than just a genre, and I think that’s what makes him and his music timeless.

Eye Contact

‘Eye Contact’ is Kean’s first solo single in a year after ‘Nandito Ka Na’, and we can say that the year’s wait is definitely worth it! It’s the type of song that makes you remember someone when you listen to it.

The song is basically about trying to stop yourself from falling in love with someone whom you know can never be yours. It’s all the things you can’t say, that the other person doesn’t know. That person has no idea that you’re falling for them with just mere eye contact. The song perfectly explains the feeling of knowing you should stop yourself from plunging in deeper, but also hoping that that moment never ends.

He held a single launch this 29th of April for ‘Eye Contact’. Missed it? Don’t worry! You can always stream the song right here!

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