‘Even in an Alternate Universe’ by Ysanigo is out on Spotify now, and we’re in it for the long run!

You read it right! Ysanygo just kept the jabs coming with their new song’s release on Spotify. Once again, they succeeded to grace us with their undeniable talent in ‘Even in an Alternate Universe’. Yes, Ysanygo. We’d love to come with you to an alternate universe. We’re in it with you!

Okay, we know how excited you are, but fret not! Here are the siblings performing ‘Even in an Alternate Universe’ live.


Ysanygo is a genre-less duo consisting of Ynigo and Ysabel Ferraz, and they have been active for just over a year now. In that short period, the siblings have shown us great music with chill vibes. In an interview with MYX, they shared that living under the same roof made the production of songs easier because whenever they have an idea, all they had to do was knock on each other’s rooms. Ysa would usually write the lyrics first, and then Ygo with his guitar would come up with the music. Now they do it in reverse. The duo’s choice of going for a genre-less approach can be understood in a way that they wouldn’t want to be confined to a specific genre.

Even in an Alternate Universe

Do you know those songs where you just want to jive your head back and forth with the beat? This is the kind of feel that this song gives. The song gives you a soothing feeling when you listen to it, and it’s also very funky.

It’s easy to mistake the song as something you’d dedicate to a romantic partner. However, in the same interview, the duo revealed that they actually wrote the song or and about their parents, which we found so adorable! They actually performed it first on their anniversary. This probably explains why the song is so full of love. The lyrics are a tell-all.

Did it ever occur to you
That what we have right here is something we should keep
Are we’re in it for the long run
Are you in it with me
Even in an alternate universe
We’d still be hand in hand
Pretty amazing, right? Stream it now!

I wish more parents had kids like them! BRB, I’m about to sing this to my Mom. What did you think about the song? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.