Pack your bags and get rollin’ with the ‘Endless Summer’ EP by KEN, because summer love isn’t over til you say it’s over!

One’s enough. Two’s too much. But three’s a charm! And that’s what KEN believed when they dropped their ‘Endless Summer’ EP. Not only that! They’re also bringing back the vibe of summer season despite the monsoon weather. Because, WHY NOT?

KEN is definitely on the roll, releasing their three-track EP, ‘Endless Summer’. It hasn’t been long since they last released their single, ‘Late Night Drive‘. This can only mean that the ball is rolling for the trio as their music career progresses. And there’s no stopping them in producing great music.

Summer feels on a monsoon weather

Staying true to the title of their EP, ‘Endless Summer’ brings back the summer feels to you. There’s a distinctive vibe for both seasons that differentiate them from each other. And despite the rainy season, KEN boldly serves us piping hot tunes that are perfect for the summer.

The EP tracks don’t have the usual upbeat melody we usually we hear for summer anthems. But instead, they serve a chill and relaxing summer tune. Imagine going on road trips during summer afternoons or just chilling by the beach. ‘Sandcastles‘ talk about your typical summer romance. It’s the most upbeat among the three, with a mid-tempo melody.

On the other hand, ‘Lose It‘ is wrapped up by a slow melody perfect for relaxing. The lyricism is on point as well, talking about losing the relationship and losing yourself at the same time. While the synth-soaked pop treat, ‘Paradise‘ draws a picture of how it feels like to be by the side of the person you love and cherish. It features more meaty and gritty guitar riffs and strong bass lines as well.

Even though their EP is short-stacked, they delivered summer right in our doorsteps, making their EP very effective and lovely. So be sure to stream Endless Summer EP by KEN on Spotify!

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