If the world may be doomed tonight, make sure you listen to End Of The World by Blessie Azul first!

End Of The World by Blessie Azul dropped last week. And this sweetheart’s captivating voice would truly push you to make sure that you spend every minute with the one you love! If I were you, I’d stop sleeping on this female artist and let her hypnotize you with her sweet music.

Check out her snippet performance of ‘End Of The World’ over a year ago!

This indie soul-pop acoustic artist surely sounds promising. And I can’t help but fall in love with her newest single.

‘End Of The World’

A lot of us are guilty of taking the important people in our lives for granted. Not because they don’t matter that much to us, no. Sometimes we just tend to assume that we have all the time in the world. We have this mindset that there’s always another day to make the best of the moment. But really now, we are no stranger to change. And there are painful circumstances that before we even anticipate it, we lose our chance to cherish them permanently.

In Blessie Azul’s ‘End Of The World’, the song tackles this concept but in a rather very sweet manner.

Under the sky full of stars

Let’s stare as we two hold hands

Let’s make the best of this time

Before the world dies in our eyes

The innocence in the song is truly heartwarming. It also gives the message that showing what the person means to you doesn’t have to be displayed in a grand way. It can be shown through the simplest of ways as long as it’s real, as long as you mean it. And of course, as long as behind your actions are a meaningful thought.

Chances can be lost in the blink of an eye. Tomorrow is not promised, change is inevitable. Make the most of everything.

Stream ‘End Of The World’ now!

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