The long wait is over, guys! The Eastern Love Letters MV by Edward Ramirez is finally out!

One of the rising stars in OPM as of now, Edward Ramirez, is out there making a name for his music. Ever since he was discovered with his amazing covers in his Youtube channel, Edward continues to rise higher with his own music. And now that is has been released after so much wait, the ‘Eastern Love Letters’ MV by Edward Ramirez continues to dominate the local music charts for rising artists!

Check out ‘Eastern Love Letters’ MV by Edward Ramirez and be captivated by his soulful voice now!

‘Easter Love Letters’ is not just a song of longing but a song about second chances. It shows the ups and downs of a relationship and Edward Ramirez, in his poetic lyrics, confesses the longing he aches for. If you look at it, the music video was ironic to the upbeat song. It started right off the bat with a description of a depiction of a room full of broken hearts.

The heartfelt lyrics and video:

The upbeat bop of the song was opposite of the lyrics and the music video. Edward plays with our hearts with that one. How cruel! (Kidding!) But what really got us was this line:

Between you and me, 

I’d kill for a “hello, I

Miss you terribly”

The ‘Eastern Love Letters’ MV tried to play us with the misleading yet heartfelt lyrics and video but the question that keeps us wanting more is “Did they got back together?”

You may say yes because it was pretty clear in the end that the two of them hugged after the numerous attempts of the guy to fix things. But do you really think that that is a hug that screams “I’m sorry, let’s work things out again” or is it “I’m sorry, I’m tired, no more saving for this one?”

Please stay for a while

I believe in second tries

Can we start over?

Edward got our hearts strings tied in a bunch of knots because of this! But what can we say, a good music moves hearts and we are a sucker for good music!

If you loved the ‘Eastern Love Letters’ MV by Edward Ramirez, then be sure to add the song to your Spotify playlist and get your lovesick self on this soulful, tragic ride!

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