We got a hot new music video from one of our favorite artists! The Earl Generao ‘Katabi’ music video just dropped fresh off the oven, and we have it here for you!

The Earl Generao Katabi music video first premiered on Myx this October 16 at 12nn. And we caught it just when it went live on YouTube! So of course we’re sharing it with you right away. U Do U aims to be the #1 music source in the Philippines, after all.

We’ve already talked about what we feel about this song in this article. So now we’ll check YOURS! Yep, we saw your tweets about the Earl Generao Katabi music video Myx premiere! And we’ve rounded up some of our favorites.

Awww, we love it when artists get to make their supporters smile!


Song = Best heard when lounging around

Message of the song = Best done all. the. time.


Don’t worry, girl! It’s on YouTube NOW

We gotchu.


And O/C Record’s gotchu too *wink*

Yep, yep. We agree!

(Okay, maybe this tweet wasn’t about the video, but we can’t not include it!)

You guys really know how to hype a good artist! And we’re sure Earl himself is thankful for all the support you’re sending out to him and his music.


Before releasing this, Earl also uploaded a lyric video for this song. And if you’re dying to sing along to his fast rhythms and melodies, this video’s what you need right now!

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We got an exclusive interview with Earl even before his latest single went out! And you’ll see how he answers all our questions in this piece.



Before the music video, and even before the lyric video, we only had streams of the song. And this is what we had to say about the song, then.

LATEST DROP: Earl Generao New Song ‘Katabi’

So how about YOU guys? What do you think about the Earl Generao Katabi music video? Did it satisfy your craving for the artist, or did you want to see more? Let us know what you think in the comments section! Or you might even want to send us a message on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh.