LATEST DROP: EAAASY drops new single ‘Lunatiko’

Are you ready to rock with EAAASY? Well, you better be! Because they just dropped their newest single ‘Lunatiko’ and it’s one wild ride!

If you like rock and roll, then EAAASY is the band to look out for. Because they have just released their fifth single, September 6. And it’ll make you feel like a lunatic because the entire song is one big contradiction! So catch their newest release with us right here!

EAAASY Official Facebook Page

But first, let’s get to know the people behind EAAASY! They are a six-person band comprising of Marlon De Las Verges (Vocals), Liezl Young (Drums), Feberdie Pineda (Guitar), Gino Dimaano (Guitar), Meyron Elmido (Guitars), and Jake Zacarias (Bass). So what we know is that EAAASY was formed way back in 2016. And that their singles are ‘Tostado’, ‘Apat Na Sulok’, ‘Baler’, ‘Four Strings And A Bow’, and now ‘Lunatiko’.


EAAASY Official Facebook Page

You would really question your sanity with EAAASY’s new single, ‘Lunatiko’. And that’s because the heavy lyrics are such a contradiction to the uppity vibe of the melody. We had to double-take after hearing the heavy instrumental intro and really listen. Are we hearing the lyrics right?

Di mo naisip na ikaw ang dahilan

Ng pag-luha at ng aking kalungkutan

But that’s exactly why it works for us! Because ‘Lunatiko’ is a wild trip that’ll take you into a screaming sesh of just trash-talking your selfish ex! What’s more 2019 than not putting up with bad relationships? Personally, we really feel that there’s something to be said about the exceptional guitar riffs and drum beats that EAAASY seems to effortlessly pull off. But what gets us really going is being able to freely lash-out with the song about a selfish ex-lover! And that it gives off such a devil-may-care vibe. So give ‘Lunatiko’ by EAAASY a listen on Spotify!

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