Like the tranquil ocean breeze, Dumaguete by Up For Byes brings us back to the summer romances that we wished it didn’t have to end.

Just before the summer ends, Up For Byes treats us with a song for our summer romances. For some, we find love at the hustle and bustle of city life. But during the summer season, we find love at the place where we stow away for vacation. Provinces, indeed, carry a unique sense of serenity and peace. Coupled with fresh familiar faces and lonely heart, it’s the perfect mix for our short-lived summer romance. But don’t let ‘Dumaguete’ fool you. Despite sounding romantic and hopeful, it can be ambiguous at the same time.

The six-piece alternative pop-rock outfit, Up For Byes combines poetry and music theories to produce amazing sound. The band is comprised of Michael Abogado and Angelo Costales on guitars who have been longtime friends. Together with them are the frontman Nikko Dahan on vocals, Adrian Balarbar on backup vocals, Mau Serrano on bass, and Jaytee Macabasco on drums. Their music influences run deep and branch out. For an alternative pop-rock band, they even go out their ways to incorporate ballad in their tunes.

No doubt, their songs have shown how versatile they are, not only in terms of songwriting but also in music arrangement. Their songs aren’t that intricate to start with. But when listening to them, you’ll find yourself pondering over the lyrics over and over again. They have this unique sense of style to convey their stories of heartbreaks and personal struggle in the simplest yet alluring way possible. Sometimes, even though the message of the song sounds simple, the meaning of it runs deeps and lets you dig that emotion inside you.


A lot of you must have heard of ‘Dumaguete’ before the band officially released it. Unlike during live performances where the atmosphere is hyped, ‘Dumaguete’ hangs between the fine line of calm and clamor. The song starts with a harmonic intro until it transitions with heavier beats. The transition from a soft ballad into a heavier sound made it quite intriguing, to say the least. It pulls you in and keeps you reeled in up until the very end.

Oh kay sarap isipin ika’y na sa ‘king tabi
Sa bawat sandali na ikaw ang kapiling ko

Aside from the constant change of pace of the song, it’s the lyrics that keep you up on your toes. Like mentioned before, it’s at its simplest yet at its best. The simplicity of the lyrics is what makes it better. Describing the feeling of being with someone by the beach is nostalgic and romantic if you ask me. That’s one of the best feelings ever. You know, spending time with your special person on the beach, away from all the clamor of life, that’s nothing but pure bliss. Fall in love under the sky full of stars, while you talk about life.  Walk by the beach, hand in hand. One hundred percent romantic. ‘Dumaguete’ transports us to that very moment. And at that moment, all we wanna do is savor every second of it.

So, if you still haven’t added ‘Dumaguete’ by Up For Byes, then you better do! It’s on Spotify, y’ all!

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