Go discoing with Dua Lipa while in a self-isolation.


British pop singer-songwriter Dua Lipa can be seen at the driving seat of a vintage car, a hand gripped on the steering wheel, behind her a big, bright moon, giving off the old-school vibes. “It’s just like in the 80’s,” says her second album, Future Nostalgia, released today. 

Yes, it’s just like the eighty’s.

Future Nostalgia


Led by Don’t Stop Now– one of Tiktok’s popularized dance crazes, Future Nostalgia is the revival of disco and 80’s contemporary pop, containing 11 tracks that blend pop-funk, snappy basslines, and the message of being loud and carefree. Most of the tracks are partly a throwback to Madonna and Donna Summer’s era, and partly Dua Lipa’s flexing of her star power.

Her debut studio album, a self-titled one, was released on 2017, making her the most streamed female artist of that year. It included the smash hits IDGAF and New Rules, both of which helped establish her as a new pop icon in this generation.

Old but new

Her second album, Future Nostalgia, still carries that fusion of disco and contemporary pop, but what’s different this time is there are no more bitter tears. It’s mostly feeling good about yourself and just banging your head to the positive flow of life. It makes you wanna set up your own disco inside your room and just party your pandemic-driven anxiety’s away.

What do you think of Dua Lipa’s latest album Future Nostalgia?

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