If you are looking for an angsty kind of ‘hugot’ song, then ‘Drama’ by Keane Trinity just might be the one you might want to check out and sing-along to. 

Let’s face it, Filipinos adore love songs on a different level. During karaoke nights, celebrations, or even jamming sessions, love songs – may it be happy or sad – are the go-to music of Pinoys. After all, we also especially love “hugot” and it’s almost a recurring theme when it comes to relationships in our culture.

That is why now, we are asking you to absolutely check out the latest single of Keane Trinity titled “Drama“! It has this angsty, blues-rock sound. And somehow, we feel like it’s a single we might want to sing our lungs out to when we feel broken, or even just in the mood to act like it.

A different approach to a ‘hugot song’

“Drama” by Keane Trinity is from the first-person perspective of someone who is having a conflict between grief and relief due to a missing lover in their life. The person is not fully sad… but also not fully happy. As a result, vices like alcohol, cigarettes or drugs serve as an escape. Moreover, the person also ends up questioning the existence of God and his Saints.

According to the band, the song is “their own take on the usual ‘love songs’ or ‘hugot songs’ but with a different approach with the lyrics and instrumentation.”

Check out “Drama” by Keane Trinity by simply playing the music video below.

At first listen, we were immediately hooked with the distorted yet obviously melancholic voice of the singer. As the guitar was strummed too, we felt this dark yet relatable vibe towards love.

When the vocalist went on to exude powerful, angsty vocals that somehow reminded us of desperately crying out though, we can’t help but honestly felt the emotions he was sharing. Also, that instrumental break though!

So without a doubt, we really enjoyed listening to “Drama” by Keane Trinity.

How about you though? What do you think of this article? Did you like Keane Trinity’s newest single?

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