If you’re a fan of JaDine, then you’re in for a treat with Don’t You Forget by Careless Music Manila!

A banger—that’s for sure, Don’t You Forget by Careless Music Manila is now out! This hip-hop music with EMD beats surely caught the smooth waves of EL Nido, Palawan. Performed by Lox, Narex and the King, James Reid himself, ‘Don’t You Forget’ brings the cool tunes we are missing in the OPM scene.

Don’t You Forget and Careless Mixtape

‘Don’t You Forget’ showcases alluring tunes and beats that we’ve heard in the previous tracks of Careless Mixtape. But “Don’t You Forget” takes it to the next level. The music arrangement screams “international” and they definitely have set the standard for themselves high. But we’re not complaining!

The whole song itself is laidback and is best to put on when relaxing. Or even probably when dancing! We can certainly dance to its beat, swear! And even the music video itself, with the addition of our queen, Nadine Lustre, your lustrousness. She contributed second voice as well in the song, her seductive humming was heard all throughout the song.

Check out their music video and see them slay this one!

Careless Music Manila has just started but boy, oh, boy, they are really making themselves the music label to look up to. Even though they are just a new label, they’ve made themselves significant in the industry. Hip-hop music is quite dense in the mainstream OPM scene but they’re trying to fill that gap.

And we want more!

‘Don’t You Forget’ is a gem and Careless Music Manila is a diamond in a rough. We might be enticed by the usual love songs, pop, rock, and indie genre but we still love hip-hop. Our minds say pop/rock/indie, but our hearts say hip-hop. Yas, we do! And we want more!

So if you stan ‘Don’t You Forget’ and the whole CMM crew, be sure to show your love and add them to your Spotify playlist now!

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