After the departure of their leader B.I. or Hanbin, iKON is back with a new bop titled ‘Dive’ which is written by the previous member.

It seems like February has no plans on coming to a stop because every day, we are getting comebacks from different K-pop groups. The other day, we had EVERGLOW release their dance bop “DUN DUN” while yesterday, LOONA made their hot return with the song “So What”. Today, the hottest new song “Dive” by iKON is out and it’s undeniably awesome af!

In case you haven’t watched it yet, check the music video out with us by simply playing the YouTube clip below.

Of course, Bobby, Jay, Song, DK, June and Chan are all phenomenal. Somehow though, you can still feel the lacking presence of their departed leader Hanbin who just so happened to write the song himself. While a lot of fans feel sad because of the fact that he’s absent, a lot of iKONICs are also just grateful because of how he still contributed to the group’s comeback.

Moreover, check out some tweets of fans who are just enjoying the track.

Likewise, we feel that “Dive” is another big bop that we will probably add to our playlist.

i DECIDE album

“Dive” is the title track of iKON which is a part of their newest mini-album titled “i DECIDE“. If you want to listen to their other new tracks, which are mostly written by Hanbin too, check them out by simply clicking the Spotify Play button below.

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The “i DECIDE” EP also marks member DK‘s debut as a lyricist and composer for “Flower.”

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