The ‘Dito Ka Na Lang’ MV by Unit 406 is the story of our lives!

The ‘Dito Ka Na Lang’ MV by Unit 406 was released just this weekend, and it simply sparked us with a reminder of how sad the song actually is.

Unit 406 did it this time! Having their music video actually shot abroad definitely gave us both the #CHILLS and the #FEELS. Each scene depicts every bit of reality from our own experiences, and that’s what really struck us.

One way or another, we’ve all been there—in a point where we have to be away from our significant other. And we all know that this is heart breaking, even more when the only thing we could do is reminisce the times that we were with them. Or worse, when we even browse social media only to feel even just a hint of connection with who we used to call bae.

What are we even talking about? Best you watch the music video right here with us:

Oh, we all felt that, the way the lovers begged and longed for the other. We saw it in the video, we felt it in the lyrics.  We’ve been there.

Pwedeng dito ka lang pwedeng dito lang muna
Parang dati-rati, lagi lagi magkasama
Nakatitig nalang sa mga pics mo sa social media
Oras nasasayang, nasasanay nang mag-isaDito ka nalang sa aking tabi
Dimo ba napapansin iba ang ihip ng hangin
Lumalamig naririnig ko ang pagbilis ng pintig ng dibdib
Kaya dito ka nalang sa akin
At wag ng lumayo 
There’s always going to be that inkling that something unpleasant will happen once we’ve gone our separate ways with our partners. And you know what they say about LDR (long distance relationships, for those who don’t know), it usually doesn’t work.
But do take comfort in knowing that when one door closes, another one opens.
And so, another one hits our Hugot Playlist! Thanks, Unit 406!

For those of us completely hooked on Unit 406, here’s a collection of their playlist on Spotify!

Let’s have a Unit 406 listening party, guys!

Spot Unit 406 this Halloween!

See the band LIVE for their Halloween gig on October 31, 2018 (Wednesday) at 19 East Bar, Muntinlupa @6PM.  See you there!

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