LATEST DROP: Direk by Because – Music Video

The music video of Direk by Because is out! And it’s about to make you feel nostalgic.

Just a week ago, the music video for Direk by Because dropped. This one made me reminisce back to my high school days when everything was just fun, simple, and carefree. With that, check out the MV of ‘Direk’ now!

I don’t wanna waste no time
If you want me you’re mine
Seryoso na agad

Because’s single shows off a very carefree context. Of how when you want someone and they like you back, then you’ve both come to an agreement that you should be together. Packed with the high school set up, this very chill single turns into something altogether meaningful for me.

The MV, without a doubt, is filled with high school fun and shenanigans for the viewers to enjoy. Looking at it in a different angle however, it shows how when we were young, life and love could really be as simple as that.

Mahal kita parang mahal ni Boyet si Aubrey
Tanggap mo ko kahit di na mag-diet ng konti
Bahala ka na kung gustong gumamit ng kojic
Basta masaya na ko sa Pinay mo na kutis

‘Direk’ music video would make you wanna go into a time machine and go back to the simpler phase in life. When someone would accept you for who you are and won’t demand so much from you as everyone else does in your life right now. The lyrics is so sweet and hilarious at the same time. Because used famous reference such as Boyet and Aubrey, using the unconditional love of Boyet towards the female persona. He also used the “kojic” reference which is a famous whitening product amongst Filipinos.

Overall, Because’s ‘Direk’ would make you wish someone would sing “Baby you’re a gem” to you lol!

Stream ‘Direk’ now:

What do you think of Direk by Because? Were you entertained by the lyrics? What’s your favorite line in the song? Share it to us in the comment section below! You can also hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to know what you think!

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