‘Di Sapat Pero Tapat’ by This Band is a plea for the truth, and accepting that the love you can give is not enough for the person you love.


Have you ever been in a relationship where the other person is saying that everything’s fine, but you just know there’s something wrong? ‘Di Sapat Pero Tapat’ by This Band is a plea for the truth. When you’re just asking the other person to tell it to you straight. When you just want them to lay out their cards. And tell you if they still love you or not…

‘Di Sapat Pero Tapat’ is a song about being ready to accept when the person you love wants to walk away. Released just last October 31, don’t miss out on This Band’s newest heart-wrenching song, ‘Di Sapat Pero Tapat.’

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This Band is a six-person band comprising of Andrea Manzano (Vocals), Euwie Loria (Rhythm), Raymart Gubat (Lead Guitarist),  Michael Galvan (Bassist), John Macaranas (Drummer), and Melvin Carson (Keyboardist). We actually had the privilege of interviewing them here at U Do U headquarters! So get to know This Band better by watching our interview with them on Music Dive, right here!

‘Di Sapat Pero Tapat’ by This Band

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‘Di Sapat Pero Tapat’ really hits hard. Because this kind of situation really happens in real life, that sometimes the love that you give is not enough for the person you love. And there’s nothing you can do but accept it.

Alam kong merong nililihim

Masakit man na isipin

Hindi na ako

Ang iyong gusto

But as painful as it is, don’t be afraid to accept it. Because as long as you’ve given it your all, you can walk away with no regrets.

Handa na ‘ko sa ‘yong pag-amin

Na ako’y iyong lilisanin

Alam kong ‘di ako sapat

Pero ako’y naging tapat sa puso mo

Listen to ‘Di Sapat Pero Tapat’ by This Band right now!


But remember guys, when you give your all to a person and it still isn’t enough, you’re probably giving it to the wrong one. So if you’re ready to accept that the one you love isn’t happy with you anymore, give ‘Di Sapat Pero Tapat’ by This Band a listen right now!

What did you think of ‘Di Sapat Pero Tapat’ by This Band? Have you ever experienced not being enough for a person? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.