Ever fell for someone who will never be yours? Then this debut single entitled ‘Di Para Sa’kin by Frizzle Anne is the right song for your broken heart!

‘Di Para Sa’kin by Frizzle Anne dropped midnight (January 11), and her first single is truly promising! The song is all about loving someone from a distance because you know that they could never be yours. Sad, isn’t it?

Frizzle Anne Dimayuga

Frizzle Anne is a pop artist signed under O/C Records, the baby record label of Callalily‘s frontman Kean Cipriano and his wife Chynna Ortaleza. Other promising OPM artists are signed under the new record label, namely Unique, Rice Lucido, and Earl Generao.

Positively being taken care well in her record label, Frizzle Anne is starting to make waves in the Philippine music scene. She has come a long way from doing song covers in her Youtube channel to now releasing her debut single.

Before her ”Di Ka Para Sa’kin’ was made available in digital platforms, this video of her singing the single with none other than Kean Cipriano was posted 8 months ago. Go ahead and check it out!

I don’t know about y’all, but this just got me. Such an amazing new talent plus one of our favorite OPM artists teaming up to create such an amazing tune!

”Di Para Sa’kin’ by Frizzle Anne

Frizzle Anne’s first single is a song that a lot of people could relate to. A lot of us have fallen in love with someone and chose not to confess what we feel. Choosing to conceal the love that we want to express, just loving them from a distance.

Some are scared of telling them, while some chose not to cos they know that person wouldn’t reciprocate the love. It’s very sad and heartbreaking when that’s the case, right? You just love from afar and appreciate all the beautiful things about them but they don’t know that there’s someone like you who sees them in such a different light.

But in my opinion, even if you know you could never have them, tell them what you feel. Life is too short to not express that love and you should tell them before you totally lose the chance. Cliché yes, but nonetheless, its true.

Lovin’ Frizzle Anne’s first single? No worries, it’s now up on Spotify!

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