4th Quadrant reminds us that there are no second chances in life with their new single ‘Di Na Sana’!

Sa umpisa masaya ang ating pagsasama.” 4th Quadrant’s latest drop on Spotify, ‘Di Na Sana’, slaps you with this heart-wrenching line when you first hear it. It’s a type of song which immediately makes you feel the surge of sadness passing through your veins—AND WE KINDA LIKE IT.

4th Quadrant is a promising band composed of James Lorenzo (Lead Male Vocals),  Jaquileen Marcelo (Female Vocals), James Vicente (Lead Guitar), Kevin Angeles (Bass Guitar), Carvin Quinto (Drums). Their signature as a band is “creating unique music especially OPM songs together with foreign bands that can adjust to different band genres.”

The band is influenced by indie, melodramatic and slow rock music which is very evident in ‘Di Na Sana’.

A eulogy to wonderful beginnings

‘Di Na Sana’ is basically about someone who’s longing for someone’s already gone. We’re sure anyone can relate to this because, duh! You’re not human if you haven’t experienced any heartbreaks yet. May it be your friend, family, or lover—for sure—you had your fair share of cries.

You’ll definitely remember the wonderful memories you once had with THAT person. You’ll probably feel the regrets you had in your relationship with this one and why it all went wrong (don’t worry, we feel it too).

James starts off by serenading us with a raspy and crisp voice and then as you near the end—the magic happens! Jaquileen perfectly blends her godly high-pitched voice and creates a fine melody perfect for your ears.

If you haven’t listened to ‘Di Na Sana’ by 4th Quadrant here it is:

But be prepared to catch feels because every lyric hurts you in all ways possible! The 4th Quadrant is definitely a band to look out for. Who knows? They may just be the next December Avenue, prominent for making their audiences cry. Haha!

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