Dishing out a new story and visuals, ‘Di Na Babalik by This Band gives us a reason to cry and feel heartbroken all over again.

After their breakout hit ‘Kahit Ayaw Mo Na’, takes a sharp turn from their positively hopeless romantic song. ‘Di Na Babalik by This Band slaps us straight in the face as we realize that love in a relationship dies. This 6-piece band already released a few other songs for the year and before they shot straight up the national music charts. And to make sure that we all maximize the emotional roller coaster ride of This Band, they released the music video for ”Di Na Babalik’.

”Di Na Babalik’ tells the story of the stark realization that love isn’t just enough to keep the relationship going. The lyrics bare the naked truth how one person decides to end things after all the things she endured. Just for the sake of love. And it’s quite heartbreaking as it is. But the music video gives that extra little push for us to feel sad and broken.

Love just ain’t enough

Set in the cold city of Baguio, a couple was having the time of their life. Touring around famous attractions together, doing fancy and romantic activities around the city and of course, being all so lovey-dovey every single time. But there’s a catch to it. Apparently, the guy is married. And the girl she’s with is probably a third party or mistress. And it might have been that she’s aware of it. Which is sad for her part actually. It’s already hard to love someone who’s together with someone else. So it’s harder to be with someone who’s already committed in a relationship. It takes a toll on your self-worth and to your emotions as well.

In the latter part of the music video, the couple ends up watching in This Band’s concert in Baguio. As they listen to ”Di Na Babalik’, it dawns the girl how complicated her love life is. Yes, she loves the guy. And the guy probably loves her too. But knowing that she won’t ever be the priority or that she will always be an option is heartbreaking. All she can do is walk away from it. Rather than fester and kill herself in the process.

I mean, we’d all want someone to love us as we love them back. But stuck with someone who’s committed to another is a different thing. Love is there. But it’s not enough for the whole relationship to last. And at the end, no matter how we love that person, no matter how hard it is to let go, we’ll just let go. We’ll let go, never look back and move on forward with our lives.

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